Posted by: Dan Sprague | December 24, 2011

Old yellow cat

Old yellow cat.

Rusty the old yellow cat

Rusty the old yellow cat

I first met Rusty, a marmalade tabby about 12 years ago. I think the cat was not sure about me from the beginning since we both had hair of the same color. I was the new intruder. He was a boat cat back then and he did not want me anywhere near his V bunk. He even marked my jacket by leaving little brown gifts on it. We reached an understanding…my dog and I did not mess with him and he let us come on board if we were good. He came around after a while when he found out I would be around and he even would let me pet him.

Yellow cats are strange anyway. All the yellow cats I have known are a little dumb compared to other cats. They are short on the cat IQ scale and all have had odd habits. Rusty is about as odd as they come. I like him, and we now get along well together. He must have cat’s Alzheimer’s. He has not aged well this past year. He is now old demanding and meow’s loudly when he does not get his way or wants something. He walks like a stiff old man and he does not take care of his coat like he used to. He only tolerates brushing his coat for a few minutes at a time, then gets nasty about it.

He now likes to sit next to me and meow at me. We are like two old curmudgeons, both a little unkempt looking and getting crotchety. I think I have a long way to catch up with Rusty, but I am not going to ask my wife’s opinion on that. She has been spoiling the two of us the last two days and Rusty and I love it.


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