Posted by: Dan Sprague | December 12, 2011

Hand Made Christmas Toy

My wife told me that we were going to go to a Christmas party at the end of the week, just as she was headed out the door to go to work. Then she said we needed to take a unwrapped toy and could I get one. She was out the door before I could say anything. I dislike shopping for myself let alone a child. I have no idea what kids want or like…neither does she, so she wanted me to do it. The thought of going to a toy store was as bad as taking our old mean cat to the Vet. It could be dangerous.

I thought back to when I was a kid and I remembered a toy I pulled around with a string.It was a duck with wheels on it. It was basically a block of wood with wheels and a string.  I could do that…I make wood dock cleats in animal shapes. I could use one of those and put wheels on it.

Since we are in Florida, I decided I would make an alligator. I already had a pattern; I just needed to add wheels and a string. About a half hour latter I had a toy and I just had to paint it and add a string. When my wife saw it, she loved it and said I should make a bunch more. I told her one was more than enough, but if she would like to make more I would show her how. I received “the look”.

I told her that if anyone else wanted one, we could take orders. The best part was that I did not have to go to a toy store.

wood gator pull toy

Al E.Gator pull toy


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