Posted by: Dan Sprague | November 17, 2011

First Real Fishing Trip

The first real fishing trip I can remember going on was a vacation to Canada, to the Amethyst Lake in the Canadian Rockies. There were no roads to the lake back in the early 60s. To get to the Lake the group we were with had to ride in on horseback. One day ride in, one day fishing, and one day ride out was the schedule for the adventure. We got to the campsite our guides had for us, setup the tents had a wonderful camp dinner and planned for the next day of fishing.

There were 3 row boats at the lake for us to use. We divided up in to groups and planned what groups got to use the boats while the others fished from the banks. The lake was full of rainbow trout. We all caught our fair share with little effort. I could not believe fish like that were to be had. You could catch them from the boat with someone rowing it or just from the bank with the line cast in to the water.

I have pictures of me trying to hold up a fish that was ¼ my size and a smile so big that it went from ear to ear. We all took pictures holding the biggest fish whether we caught them or not. They just made better pictures and made it so we could tell bigger tales when we got back home.

We had fresh caught fish for lunch, dinner and for breakfast the next morning before heading back. It was a wonderful adventure a 12 year old. My Dad was not an outdoor sportsman, but he wanted my brother and I to do something that he had done with his father when he was a kid. I am sure glad he did. Today, I think there is a road up to that lake.  I feel that is too bad.

I have never had a rainbow trout dinner since that was as good as those we had up in the mountains on that trip.


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