Posted by: Dan Sprague | October 27, 2011

Bosco and the Schooner

We were dog less for about a year after the last wolf died. When we found out our neighbor down the road had a litter of Catahoula hounds we walked over to see them. I knew they were hunting dogs but nothing more than that. All puppies  are cute. The wife found a tan one with a black nose and she wanted it at first sight. It looked as if it had chocolate on its nose so he was Bosco from the start. The pup was the same size as a kitten we had and the two grew up together. Bosco thinks he is a cat.

We introduced him to the boats right away. He loves the boats, but dose not like the water. Just as well down here in Florida  because of the gators. Once he found he could get on and off the boat by himself, we would find him playing on them and checking out the water front and protecting us from invading buccaneers.

He likes the Schooner the best. It is his size and he can get in and out of the open storage spots and can move back and forth between the cockpits easily. When sailing he likes the safety of the cockpits. If we are down on the dock, he is on the boat ready to go out.We sail past the house where he was born when we go sailing on the river. When we pass Jim calls him Cpt. Bosco, the Caloosahatchee Catahoula River hound. He said that out of all the pups the one we have has the easiest life…not a real working dog. His work is to herd the cats we have, but he is not to good at that. He has perfected couch potato status though .

As he has aged he has gotten better. As long as he has something he can chew on and carry he is not overly destructive but he still has way to much energy. He is sure NOT like the wolf’s we had. Jim said we were in for a little trouble for the first year or so.



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