Posted by: Dan Sprague | October 19, 2011

A privateer or Pirate must have a cannon!

A privateer or pirate or buccaneer must have a cannon for his boat. Who would take  him seriously without one? That was my reason for getting a cannon  for the schooner. My wife said it would just fall overboard or I would get taken to pirate jail.

October in Florida is the month for pirate festivals. I just wanted to have my schooner look the part. I ordered a cannon kit via the web. This bronze replica can fire 1/2 inch balls using a black powder charge and it looks like a baby 9 pounder naval cannon. There is no way I would fire this thing! It looks great, but to tie it down to fire it would be almost impossible, and to fire it on a wood boat would be more than crazy to do. The crew is made up of wild and crazy guys but we are not that crazy. The wife was right…it would most likely fall overboard.

The cannon now sits on a bookcase where I get to dust it every few months and see how beautiful it is. I did put it on the boat to see how it looked. What do you all think?

Give no quarter


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